RUSH Jam Torture Chamber

Since you are here you have expressed an interest in the RUSH Jam Torture Chamber. Please be warned that by clicking on the ENTER button below you are accepting full responsibility for what you will see and hear. You will not hold the publisher of this site nor any of his family responsible for any temporary or permanent psychological effects suffered by you or anyone in a 10-block radius of your computer.

If you choose to proceed, be warned that you will see and hear The Tormentor. He is of the likes which you have never seen. If you have witnessed such a thing, know that you are not alone. I and my family and a close circle of friends have been afflicted by The Tormentor and do continue to lead "normal" lives. You can too. You may enter by clicking on the ENTER button below.

For the weak of mind or faint of heart this is your last chance for escape, please exit this place and never come back. Click on the ESCAPE button now.