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It starts and the first PBR is opened at 6:00 AM: Mich, Tom, and Brian.1/24
It starts and the first PBR is opened at 6:00 AM: Mich, Dave, and Tom.2/24
Dan and Mike arrive and Dave toys with the wrath of Paula.3/24
Ron finally gets here (he left St. Louis at 1:30 AM).4/24
Devin does his part to help get the pool ready.5/24
Ahhh...morning sun, RUSH, and cold PBR.6/24
Ron diligently working on the RUSH crossword.7/24
Devin is the first one to need reenergizing.8/24
Dallas Cowboy colors and drinking a Zima. Will the real Tom please stand up!9/24
If you put a big enough engine on it (or feed it enough beans) you can get anything in the air.10/24
Neil makes an appearance at RUSH Jam (he fell asleep in the tanning bed).11/24
Some general shenanigans and pool enjoyment.12/24
Aaayyyyy! Aaaaaaal!13/24
Skel is on the receiving end of Dave (non-porn meaning).14/24
Alex and Skel look on as Dave 'The Official Weight Tester of Equipment' checks out our slide.15/24
A little one-on-one with Tom and Skel (also non-porn meaning).16/24
"What is that thing Tom and what are you going to do to Skel with it?"17/24
Now Dave tries to nail Al (way non-porn meaning...maybe).18/24
"Oh hi Dad, I'm just ah...checking to make sure the coolers are well stocked. Yeah...that's it."19/24
The 21:12 (9:12 PM) beer slam.20/24
Death from above 2000.21/24
Death from above 2000 (alternate angle).22/24
There for the end: Paula, Ron, Dave, Brian, Tom, Skel, Al, Dan, Mario, Caesar, Mike. Mich had already crashed.23/24
The damage: 7 cases of PBR. Tom, Dave, and Brian each had the minimum 23 beers (1 beer per album and the 21:12 slam).24/24

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