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Ron's got a brand new bag!1/65
Dive into the fritters!2/65
Ron brought some totally awesome cookies!3/65
Ron apparently is going to BarryJam (BJ) tomorrow.4/65
The Tom Tom Club.5/65
And Tom Coons brought his friend Andre!6/65
The rest of the Post family emerges.7/65
Dave and Ron with their obligatory PBR.8/65
Tom is our official PBR model.9/65
The Ron on the drumkit.10/65
The Ron on his other drumkit.11/65
Sporting the RushJam shirts Dave had made.12/65
And the rear.13/65
Devin hid the PBR.14/65
It's OK Ron, it happens to the best of us.15/65
See, Tom agrees Ron.16/65
I'm this many!17/65
Darryl and Jan brought a friend who is wearing the proper shirt. Darryl is not.18/65
A portion of the Skel clan has arrived and picked up a hanger-on.19/65
Darryl is getting ready for the the Dave Show.20/65
Ron isn't sure if he can watch the Dave Show.21/65
"Just get this Dave Show going already!"22/65
Clear the young'ns, the Dave Show is about to start.23/65
The Dave Show.24/65
They feel the Dave Show was worth the price of admission.36/65
"Oh man you got me with my mouth open."37/65
Hey it's Mich!38/65
Mich has a lot of catchin' up to do.39/65
The Skel clan was able to shake their hanger-on.40/65
Ahh, just floating on the lazy Aaron.41/65
"Hey Skel, I'm buyin', how many beers ya want?"42/65
Dave: "We'll take two..." Skel:"Dave is buyin', I'll take five!"43/65
Roby made it to RushJam! Woohoo!44/65
Tom grew up as an act in the carnival circuit, so he's not sure what real food looks like.45/65
Brian knows what real food looks like but is intrigued by the crunch of glass.46/65
"Hey Tom, let me push in your stool."47/65
Mich and Paula. RushJam babes.48/65
Devin is looking spacey and Skel's eyes are getting real heavy.49/65
Woooooo! RushJam rocks!50/65
You know it's getting close when the fire gets started.51/65
"Hey Dave, is it time yet?"52/65
"I don't know, lemme check with Brian."53/65
"I'm busy, check with Mich or Tom."54/65
"Yeah it's pretty close, everybody grab one."55/65
They sure look pretty relaxed for it being almost time.56/65
"Should we gather everybody up Roby?"57/65
Tom is the official time keeper, but Ron has two for backup.58/65
2112 Beer Slam!59/65
Aaaaand there off!60/65
It appears to be neck and neck and neck and neck and neck.61/65
It was a photo finish. Well...except for Brian.62/65
Looks like Aaron is winding down.63/65
Dancing fires on the lawn, listening to Rush together.64/65
Though it's just a memory, some memories last forever.65/65

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