What it is. What is it? It is what?!

RUSH Jam is an event to celebrate one of the greatest rock bands ever! The day will start at 6:30 AM with fritters and their first album "RUSH" will begin at 7:00 AM. The day will finish with "Clockwork Angels" at about 10:21 PM. As you can see it is a full day filled with RUSH and more RUSH. If you know anyone that would enjoy this, please let him or her know. Keep in mind that RUSH crosses all gender and racial boundaries, if you are a RUSH fan you are welcome. The more RUSH fans we have the more Jam-min' will be done! Bring the little ones too, the sooner we start brainwashing ... er ... introducing them to RUSH the better.

A tradition that goes along with RUSH Jam (this is the 10th) is that each person who really loves RUSH, consumes a Pabst Blue Ribbon at the beginning of every RUSH album played (it used to be Red, White & Blue, but alas they stopped making it). In addition to this we also slam a beer at 9:12 PM (2112 in military time). When you add it all up it works out to be 21 beers or one case per person if you like working in round numbers. Now this may seem like a lot, but when you consider this is spread over a 15-hour period it really is not too bad (unless of course you happen to be doing extracurricular drinking as well). This is by no means a requirement, but I am sure there will be some friendly peer pressure.

Activities will include (but are not limited to) RUSH listening, beer drinking, swimming (so bring your trunks!), talking, hackin', fox tailin', Death-From-Above, Dave's bellyflop, and whatever else we can think of and you want to bring.

Because of the early start time on Saturday you are more than welcome to stay over night on Friday so you are here for the opening of the first PBR when the first note of "Finding My Way" is heard. You are also welcome to stay over on Saturday night considering the amount of drinking that will be going on. We have plenty of floor space, so you may want to come prepared with sleeping bags, pillows, air mattresses and the like (The Tormentor will be sleeping outside).

RUSH Jam Exorcism

RUSH Jam Torture Chamber

If you have any questions or comments,
please send us an e-mail.