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Can't quite remember, did I already lose something or am I about to lose something?1/75
Fritters and french toast, the breakfast of Rush Jam.2/75
Tom entertaining the early crowd.3/75
Dave and Marissa taking advantage of the thin crowds as Rush Jam gets underway.4/75
Skel and Posty spend some quality time with the kids.5/75
Aaron trying to be the first toddler in space.6/75
Getting ready for the pool.7/75
Ron is contestant No. 1 in the sunglasses event.8/75
Lori is contestant No 2 in the sunglasses event.9/75
Lew is the third contestant in the sunglasses event (that better be beer in that mug Brian).10/75
Mich is the final contestant in the sunglasses event, place your votes now.11/75
When one is in the shade, one does not need shades. When one is Skel, one is cool.12/75
Mike has a certain magnetic attraction.13/75
Hi Tami, don't worry about the screen door, Cece will get that later.14/75
Thanks Cece, totally appreciate it! Can you check the front door while you're at it?15/75
Now THAT takes VERY strong neck muscles.16/75
Could someone turn the water back on please?17/75
Nice butt-point landing.18/75
No one has ever attempted the out-of-the-water-onto-the-slide maneuver, but he pulls it off brilliantly!19/75
Paula just loves magic and is thoroughly enjoying the bottle-cap trick by Marissa.20/75
Looks like it's pool time for Jhett.21/75
Nope, my mistake...it's snuggle time for Jhett.22/75
Trish I just love your towel, where ever did you get it?23/75
Woohoo!! RUSH Jam!! I am SO pumped!24/75
WIDE awake! I ain't drinkin' no Zima Gold!25/75
Look right...all clear.26/75
Look left...all clear.27/75
Ahhh...if Dave can get away with it I certainly can.28/75
Whoa, who did that? Man warn a guy, I walked right into that. Marr!30/75
Marissa is growing up (and developing the ability to see dead people).31/75
Aaron is up from his nap and dad looks like he could use one.32/75
The whole Post Family is emerging.33/75
Paula doesn't look too sure about coming out.34/75
Like the people of Pompeii, these people are blissfully unaware of the destruction that is about to descend upon them.35/75
Dave wants to make sure he doesn't sink, Skel just wants to make sure his beer is OK.36/75
Jhett's not too sure about this.37/75
Man these things get heavy, mind if I rest one here for a bit Tami?38/75
The secret to my bulk is making sure I switch off between the orange noodle and the triangle dumbell. Then a couple dozen PBRs.39/75
Rush Jam in full swing.40/75
Tom loves beer, especially PBR.41/75
Nothin' like sittin' back with a cold PBR after a big plate of lasagna.42/75
OK Tom, enough already, we know you love PBR!43/75
Dad has had too much PBR so Jhett is taking the keys to the car.44/75
Skel has got his dealin' hat on and Ron is working on a good rip.45/75
Paula and Ron are already out and Marissa is eyeing Skel's fancy fingerwork with the cards.46/75
Dave carefully explains how he made the mini-head hors d'oeuvre on his finger, but no one seems impressed.47/75
Mmmph...yesh...thesh mini-head hors d'oeuvres are awesome.48/75
Eat some evil. Smell some evil. Drink some evil.49/75
Lew is trying to bulk up so he can take on Dave later.50/75
Aaron tests out the new anti-friction spray we put on the slide.51/75
Just cuz I guess.52/75
Aaron is getting ready for his next dive: the pretend-you're-sitting-in-a-chair position. The difficulty rating is off the scale.53/75
The crowd is amazed as he nails it!54/75
Wendy (the judge from Sweden) is contemplating her score for that previous dive.55/75
Group photo. What percent call this Rush Fest?56/75
Someone yelled group photo and only Tom, Kevin, Brian, Marissa, Mich, Dave, and Ron heard.57/75
I wonder if either of them knows now what they were discussing then?58/75
If you look past the edge of the picture you'll see what's so interesting.59/75
Rush Jam, once in a blue-and-white striped moon.60/75
That hypnotism class I took is finally paying off. You are under my control Tom.62/75
Ron was the first to get up and dance and now Dave is looking for a partner.63/75
Marissa's too tired to even make it down the slide.64/75
My Mom always told me if I kept doing that with my eyes they'd stay that way.65/75
Let's see...another slab of lasagna or a fritter? 66/75
Awww...(pssst, Dave, wake up).67/75
Awww again...68/75
Extreme flash close-up or evidence of Dave needing the Zima Gold?69/75
The Masked Flipper strikes!70/75
Brian and Tom near the end.71/75
The Masked Flipper strikes again!72/75
Dave and Tom near the end.73/75
Aw comon now, who took this?74/75
At the end: Kevin, Paula, Tom, Marissa, Dave, Ron, Brian.75/75

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