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As Rushjam starts, you must choose your weapon.1/111
Like father like daughter.2/111
Mmmm...fritters and PBR at 7AM.3/111
Looks like it's going to be a scorcher. Thanks global warming.4/111
Time for Ron's plate of syrup to wash down that fritter.5/111
"I'm this many! I has PBR?"6/111
Ayyy...this taco dip looks good!7/111
Tami is being incinerated by global warming, but at least she protected her eyes.8/111
Aaron it's too bright to create shadow images.9/111
Tom that's a PBR, not a trumpet.10/111
Jan, the official spokesmodel for unlabelled beer.11/111
Global warming deniers Darryl and Jan enjoy the blistering heat.12/111
Dave goes in for the kill and Marissa can't watch.13/111
Sometimes nature isn't pretty. That poor taco dip.14/111
"I dub thee Sir Ball Smasher."15/111
This is gonna hurt.16/111
"I'm getting a bit hungry..."17/111
"How about five burgers Tom?"18/111
Irishfest Skel? Wrong shirt sir!19/111
While everyone else is unaware, Schmidty is trying to stealthily pass Dave his PBR.20/111
Tom is definitely not sleeping.21/111
Rushjam is also Mariojam for Jhett.22/111
Dave is looking at what he dropped and Tom is smelling it.23/111
Tom yelling at Dave.24/111
Mmmm...aged Zima Gold.25/111
Skel, Maura, and Amelia.26/111
Deb, Rita, and Cooper.27/111
I think someone has melted in the pool.28/111
"I dub thee Sir Schmidty of the Flop."29/111
Good form. Good height. Still gonna hurt.30/111
Deb, Mia, and Rita posing for a pic. I guess you could call them posers.31/111
Mich joins the posers.32/111
Amelia is learning to levitate and Schmidty is cheering her on.33/111
This would've been a great shot, but nooo...global warming had to happen.34/111
Dave trying to use the power of his fingers on Mich, but she just says "Nice try".35/111
Dave transferring the power of his finger to Marissa.36/111
Marissa now has the power of the finger.37/111
LargeMan is being primed for his test in the Rushjam atolls.38/111
LargeMan has been detonated, there is no turning back now.39/111
The devastation of LargeMan is both impressive and frightening.40/111
After LargeMan's successful test, it is time for NotSoLittleBoy's.41/111
NotSoLittleBoy just fizzles and wanders off. Back to the drawing board.42/111
Keep dreaming Al.43/111
Elephant training is a right of passage at RushJam.44/111
Luke is about to make the catch of the day.45/111
Jhett poking the bear. Just can't leave well-enough alone.46/111
You mess with the bear you get the noodle.47/111
Mich showing off her awesome levitating skills.48/111
Tom guards against a frontal assault but leaves his flank wide open.49/111
Hey Al.50/111
Devin looks to be up to no good.51/111
Whoever is behind Dave better get outa the way!52/111
Dave is just out for a stroll...53/111
...acting casual and whistling.54/111
Dave is getting dangerously close to the edge of the pool.55/111
DFA ground zero...57/111
...those poor unsuspecting people.58/111
Hey Ron, Dave was wide open.59/111
Wheeeere's David?60/111
Here he is!61/111
The Skels practicing for the upcoming talent show.62/111
Dave places the ball squarely on top of the bush. Nicely done!63/111
Dave the friendly giant just wants to play, but people can't help but be frightened.65/111
It never gets old.69/111
"Seriously Dave?"70/111
Hey Mich.71/111
Tami's nose is getting picked (or chosen if you prefer).72/111
Hey ladies!73/111
There's that scheming look again.74/111
If you don't drink enough PBR you start sprouting Devin heads. Drink up Ron.75/111
That's Devin head number two Ron. Drink more PBR.76/111
Dave is having a 3 PBR idea.77/111
"Go ahead, pull my finger." Marissa has already done it twice apparently.78/111
The Rushjam slaves have been hard at work building a pyramid to the PBR gods.79/111
Some of the Rushjam slaves building another pyramid to the PBR gods.80/111
The larger PBR pyramid is complete.81/111
Just like the Egyptian pyramids, this will still be here thousands of years from now.82/111
See, the PBR keeps the Devin heads at bay.83/111
It's like we called each other or something.84/111
Al needs Mich to keep from falling over. A clear case of too much PBR.85/111
The Posts. (posers)86/111
Mich and Paula.87/111
Nothing like a PBR pyramid to make the young'uns giddy.88/111
Paula, Aaron, and Devin.89/111
Skel, Dave, and Marissa.90/111
"If my calculations are correct, we're close to the 2112 beer slam."91/111
See if you can spot it...92/111
Dave teaching Marissa to count. Yep, that's some mighty fine parenting.93/111
Paula, Aaron, and Devin again.94/111
2112 slam. Does Devin have a beer?95/111
2112 slam alternate angle Devin does not have a beer (and Al really needs to stop drinking).96/111
Ron taking a little break during the slam.98/111
Tami and Jhett enjoying a drink by the fire.99/111
Aaron is sad that Rushjam is almost over.100/111
I don't think we were quite ready for the shot.101/111
These guys are smokin'.102/111
What a crew!103/111
How Al is seeing things right now.104/111
Dave is reluctant as Skel demonstrates this new Macarena fad.105/111
Jhett is using his super speed to confuse the slowed PBR drinkers.106/111
Skel and Dave.108/111
Devin and Ron.109/111
The pyramid is complete.110/111
PBR star.111/111

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